Hair Perming & Digital Perm & Wave

Big Curls and Sexy waves are popular this year, the return of the Perm can be seen on catwalks and in celebrity magazines daily. When combining a Perm with the latest Ombre and Balayage hair color technique you can be sure of an amazing transformation.

At Zenred Salon Bangkok we have the skills and latest technology in Digital perms, Cold Perms, Ringlet perms, Japanese Perm technology and whatever style or technique will be best for you and your hair.

If you want to turn heads with beautiful curls bouncing of your shoulders then we can make that happen for you. No

longer does it take hours and hours and nasty smelling chemicals, our latest perm technology is kinder for your hair and the environment. We can also thermally recondition your hair at the same time, this means you will have shiny, healthier and smoother waves and curls wherever you go.