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How to Calculate Salon Prices?
Each Persons hair is different with a different history, length, condition & color. Prices vary case by case depending on how much work,time & products will be required to transform your hair. Please Scroll to the very bottom of this page and read more on this.

No Hidden Charges or VAT
Unlike many places in Thailand we DO NOT charge extra hidden 10% services charges and DO NOT add VAT to our prices at check out. What you see is what you get.

Visa & Mastercard Accepted
Please note there is  a 2.5% surcharge added by our banks (not us) For customer privilege of using credit cards, If this is a problem please bring cash (Thai baht only) Thanks.

Promotional Discounts & FREE Services
Below you will see Optional Discounts and Free Services Marked Below.
To Claim these Promotions we ask that clients simply share your hair on social media, when its time to pay show us your Check ins at Checkout and claim your Free Services or Discounts, More info and Free Wifi at Salon.

Shampoo & Blowdry

Salon Services Price Baht
For Men 200
For Women 300-500
Styling & Finish (Curls or Waves) 100 Free
Styling & Finish (Straight & Gloss) 100 Free

Haircut & Finish

Salon Services Price Baht
Children's Haircut 200
Men’s Haircut and Finish (Senior Stylist 10+ years)400
Women’s Haircut and Finish (Senior Stylist 10+ Years)500
Men’s Haircut and Finish (Master Stylist 25+ years) 800
Women’s Haircut and Finish (Master Stylist 25+ Years) 1000
Please specify Senior or Masterstylist when booking Master Stylist Only Available Afternoon & Evenings Schedule
Shampoo and Blowdry200 Free
Styling and Finish100 Free


Hair Color (Low Ammonia or Ammonia Free)

Salon Services Price Baht
Men’s Hair Colour-Low Ammonia1200-1500
Women’s Hair Colour-Low Ammonia 2200-3500
Root Touch Up (Tint Re-growth)1800-2800
Colour Correction Consultation
Ammonia Free Hair Colour Full Tint2200-3800
Toner or Color Balancing1000-2000
Dry & Damaged Hair May Require Treatment Before Color to prevent damage1000-2000
Olaplex or Fiber Complex1500 1000
Shampoo and Blowdry200 Free
Styling and Finish100 Free


Balayage Hair Color

Salon Services Price Baht
Ombre Hair Colour Technique Basic (Gradient Fade Middle to Ends)2000-4000
Ombre Hair Colour Technique Advanced (Fade Root to Tip)2000-7000
Ombre Hair Colour with Toner Basic2000-6000
Balayage Hair Coloring Basic (Middle to Ends)2000-4000
Balayage Hair Coloring Advanced (Roots to ends)2000-7000
Balayage Color Basic with Toner2000-6000
Toner or Color Balancing1000-2000
Dry & Damaged Hair May Require Treatment Before Color to prevent damage1000-2000
Olaplex or Fiber Complex1500 1000
Shampoo and Blowdry200 Free
Styling and Finish100 Free


Fashion Colors -Semi Permanent

Salon Services Price Baht
Vivid Color (pink-purple-green-blue etc)2500-5000
Dip Dye Hair Color Technique (Semi-perm)2000-4000
IMPORTANT sometimes Fashion Colors Require Bleach BeforeNot Included
Toner or Color Balancing1000-2000
Olaplex or QOD Fiber Complex 1500 1000
Shampoo and Blowdry200 Free
Styling and Finish100 Free
Dry & Damaged Hair May Require Treatment Before to Prevent Damage1000-2000
For Best Blonde Maintenance Use Color Save Sulfate Free ShampooAvailable

Bleach  (Enriched with Guar Gum & Keratin – Italy)

Salon Services Price Baht
Bleaching Hair (Not Including Final Color Tints)1500-3500
Toner or Color Balancing1000-2000
Olaplex or QOD Fiber Complex1500 1000
Dry & Damaged Hair May Require Treatment Before Bleach to prevent damage1000-2000
For Best Blonde Maintenance Use (purple) ShampooAvailable


Hair Highlites & Lowlites

Salon Services Price Baht
Highlites Full head 3000-5000
Highlites Half Head 2000-4000
Highlites Quarter head -T Bar 1800-3000
Highlites Root Touch up1800-2800
Highlites/Lowlites (Organic Color) Amonia Free2800-5000
Men’s Highlites1300-2800
Toner & Colour Balancing1000-2000
Olaplex or QOD Fiber Complex1500 1000
Shampoo and Blowdry200 Free
Styling and Finish100 Free
Dry & Damaged Hair May Require Treatment Before Color to prevent damage1000-2000

Hair Extensions – Amazing Quality!
(Premium Grade Can Last 1 Year) BEST SELLER

Per 100 Pieces – Fusion keratin or Microlink technique

Salon Services Price Baht
Black Hair Extensions 12inch (30cm) -100pcs5000
Brown Hair Extensions 12inch (30cm)-100pcs6000
Blonde Hair Extensions 12inch (30cm)-100pcs7000
Black Hair Extensions 14inch (36cm)-100pcs6300
Brown Hair Extensions 14inch (36cm)-100pcs7000
Blonde Hair Extensions 14inch (36cm)-100pcs8400
Black Hair Extensions 16inch (41cm)-100pcs7000
Brown Hair Extensions 16inch (41cm)-100pcs7700
Blonde Hair Extensions 16inch (41cm)-100pcs8800
Black Hair Extensions 18inch (46cm)-100pcs9400
Brown Hair Extensions 18inch (46cm)-100pcs10500
Blonde Hair Extensions 18inch (46cm)-100pcs11700
Black Hair Extensions 20inch (51cm)-100pcs11200
Brown Hair Extensions 20inch (51cm)-100pcs12500
Blonde Hair Extensions 20inch (51cm)-100pcs13700
Black Hair Extensions 22inch (56cm)-100pcs13300
Brown Hair Extensions 22inch (56cm)-100pcs14600
Blonde Hair Extensions 22inch (56cm)-100pcs16000
Black Hair Extensions 24inch (61cm)-100pcs157000
Brown Hair Extensions 24inch (61cm)-100pcs17100
Blonde Hair Extensions 24inch (61cm)-100pcs18500
Black Hair Extensions 26inch (66cm)-100pcs18400
Brown Hair Extensions 26inch (66cm)-100pcs20000
Blonde Hair Extensions 26inch (66cm)-100pcs21500
30 Inch Extensions Sometimes Available (Not Guaranteed)-100pcs25400-29000
NEW Balayage or Ombre Color to ExtensionsExtra 1000
EXTRA Bundles Hair Extension for Added ThicknessAvailable
Exact Colour Match Service (Extensions colored same your hair - see below for details)Free
Haircut and Extensions Layering cut and style500 Free
Shampoo & Blowdry & Style200 Free
Re-Apply Fall out Extensions(4 Weeks After)Free
Hair Straightening or Curls (Professional Style & Finish)Free
Average Full Head Of Extensions? 100-150 pcs
Short Hair but Want Long Extensions?150-200pcs
Want super long and thick Extensions200-300pcs

Brazilian Keratin Blowout  *BEST SELLER*
(New QOD Instant & Wash No more 48 hours Wait + Formaldehyde Free)

Salon Services Price Baht
Short Mans Length Hair – QOD Brazilian keratin (Latest Technology)4000 3500
Level with shoulders – QOD Brazilian keratin (Latest Technology)5000 4500
Below Shoulders – QOD Brazilian keratin (Latest Technology)6000 5500
Middle of Back – QOD Brazilian keratin (Latest Technology)7000 6500
Very long hair – QOD Brazilian Keratin (Latest Technology)8000 7500
20% OFF Keratin Aftercare shampoo & conditioner 250ml Sets1930 1500
NEW Brazilian Keratin K (Keep the Curl)3000-6000
* All Keratin TreatmentsFormaldehyde Free
* All Keratin TreatmentsWash Same Day Formula
* If Your Hair is Very Thick (Requires more product)Extra 1000
* If your hair is Very Dry/Damaged (More Treatment)Extra 1000

Permanent Straightening

Salon Services Price Baht
New Italian Rebonding with marine Collagen3500-6000
Italian Soft Rebonding3500-6000
Japanese Straightening3500-6000

Perm (Waves & Curls)

Salon Services Price Baht
NEW Digital Perm Italy (with Marine Collagen) 3500-6000
Italian Cold Perm (with Marine Collagen)2500-5000

Nail Manicure & Pedicures

Salon Services Price Baht
Nail Manicure200
Nail Pedicure300
OPI Color + Nail Manicure300
OPI Color + Nail Pedicure400
China Glaze + Nail Manicure300
China Glaze + Nail Pedicure400
CND Shellac Manicure (14 day High Gloss Nail)600
CND Shellac Pedicure (14 day High Gloss Nails)600

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

Salon Services Price Baht
Eyelash Tinting (From Austria – 4-6 weeks)600
Eye Brow Tinting (From Austria – 4-6 weeks)400


Hair Treatments

Salon Services Price Baht
QOD FAST Protein Hair Treatment1200-1800
QOD Argan Mask Deep Treatment Hair Spa1500-2000
Dandruff Reduction Treatment Hair Spa1000
Hair Loss Treatment (in Salon)1000
Hair Botox Treatment (Give your Hair a Keratin Boost)3000-6000
Brazilian BlowoutsSee Above
Remove Yellow Toner Masks1200-2000

Take Home Products Treatments & Gifts

Salon Services Price Baht
For Blonde Hair (Purple Shampoo & Conditioner)Available
For Blonde Hair (Purple Mask Toner Repair Treatments)Available
For Colored Hair (Toner Treatments All Colors - Italy)Available
For Colored Hair (Color Save Hair Repair Treatments)Available
Moroccan Argan Mask - Deep Hair Repair TreatmentsAvailable
Moroccan Argan Oil (Low Weight Silicone)Available
Moroccan Argan Shampoo & ConditionersAvailable
Hair Loss Tonic (Professional grade)Available
BB Hair Cream (multi action hair regenerative)Available
Anti hair Loss Shampoo & ConditionersAvailable
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Prices Illustrated are for Guidance: For prices indicated above with a range, these can vary based on what the length, condition, thickness of hair , history of your hair and so on. Sometimes some brands cost more than others and we will give our clients a choice when feasible. For example: Ammonia Free, Standard Colour, Organic colors vary in prices or how many times we gently bleach hair to reach a final color tone varies from customer to customer.

Lets Explain with a simple Example:
Client A Wants her hair colored Balayage, Her hair when she comes to us is healthy and her natural color. No problem we say, price will be a standard Balayage for medium length hair.

Client B Also wants exactly the same Balayage look as Client A,when she arrived her hair is dry and damaged from previous bleaching, she also has 2 inches of natural black hair. In this case we would need to apply a hair treatment before considering a root touch up, then an advanced Balayage technique from roots to tips. We hope this helps you understand our job a little more and how difficult it is for us to tell you prices over the phone or via email, however with the above guide and knowing your own hair you can get a pretty good idea.

Brazilian Keratin Blowout Prices & Straightening:
We calculate prices on the length of your hair, if the hair is very dry, very thick or curly then it will require more time, more stylists, more products and a little more cost.

Hair Extensions and How Many Pieces will you Need?: Hair extensions are a case by case situation but an average full head is approximately 100-150 strands depending on length of your own hair and thickness. But for some clients with fine thin hair or quite short that want beautiful long Luscious thick hair extensions extra bundles can be purchased to get your desired results. For example 150 -300 pieces.

Premium Hair Extensions & Free Color Matching: We will match the color of our custom made hair extensions exactly to the color of your own hair, this means a much better match than ‘off the rack’ or factory processed hair extensions. We also use high grade professional quality hair colors and treatments to ensure the structure of the hair extensions are not compromised, all cuticles are intact and hair is super healthy and can last upto 12 months. Please be aware that color matching does not mean colouring your own hair, if you want to change the color of your hair then it would be at an additional cost, we would then match the hair extensions colors to your new tones and hue.

The Consultation is More Important? We have a policy of telling our customers the truth before starting any procedures, if you bring a magazine photo and its possible for us to achieve, we will do it and do it to perfection. However, if its not a realistic expectation we will also tell you before starting. it’s also important for you to be honest about your hairs history, and what you have had done to it exactly over the past few years etc so we will can do our best work.

The Not Happy Policy
If you are not satisfied with your hair after we have finished, please tell us before leaving the salon or leaving negative reviews. In most cases good communication is all that is required to fix a problem, if your not happy tell us why and we will fix it. We will also give our clients a seven day period to come back to fix certain problems, for example if you dont have time on the day of your appointment. But, for client mistakes like swimming in chlorine, diving in the sea or the Songkran festival after we have beautified your hair, Please understand we will not responsible to fix gratis, so please look after your new hair.

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